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The Chancellery - Monash University

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20200627 080134


The Chancellery is a premium building within Melbourne's Monash University. The building has a number of function spaces and lounges as well as spaces for staff and academia to utilise for work. The Atrium is an impressive open-air central space with circulation and work areas across floors exposed to each other. Overall the building is utilised by staff, alumni, industry partners and distinguished guests all within close-proximity to each other.

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The brief

Due to the close proximity between users of different groups, with a variety of uses and events possible at once, speech privacy is of high importance within the spaces. With such a large, open-air design, the benefits of natural lighting and ventilation are obvious, but the importance of speech privacy and strong acoustic design is less obvious. Marshall Day Acoustics has worked together with ARM Architecture to develop a quality solution.

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Our solution

Sound masking has been utilised in small critical locations in the building to supplement and reinforce the design by Marshall Day Acoustics. Large Boardrooms with multiple entry doors are difficult to acoustically treat, with the roomfront and door framing being a weakness in typical acoustic design. Polyvox worked together with Marshall Day Acoustics to reinforce the privacy between roomfronts and circulation areas. Solutions were also provided in other critical locations where different spaces and uses intersected.

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As a result of the acoustic design by Marshall Day being upgraded to utilise our sound masking system, this astounding building has avoided the pitfalls of open-air design and the acoustics in this building are as impressive as the ceiling feature.

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