We are experts in sound masking for the built environment

Polyvox is a sound masking contractor working with clients around Australia. We design, supply and install intelligent sound masking systems in a variety of indoor spaces.

How we work

With over 10 years of acoustic engineering experience, we work with our clients from the design phase through to final certification.

Unlike other firms, we combine our experience in acoustics, construction, and management to provide specialised and effective sound masking solutions.

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Working together to understand your needs

With ten years experience as Acoustic Consultants, we understand what works and what doesn't. Polyvox will discuss your needs with you and help guide you to find the best solution. In some cases sound masking will perform best if paired with other design solutions or elements. We will discuss all options and help you run through a simple cost-benefit analysis of each.

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Designing a tailor-made solution

Every site and situation is different. We start by attending your space and conducting an acoustic survey to determine the most effective approach. We first determine if sound masking is appropriate, and then provide a design that is tailored to meet your space, your aesthetic, and meet your overall design goals.

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Installation & testing

With ten years of experience as Engineers in the Acoustics industry, we understand the intricacies of installation and how it will affect other services, as well as the final acoustic performance of a space. Our in-house installation team has been trained to understand these intricacies too.

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See the results

Most of our clients take the privacy and wellbeing of their staff seriously, and have incorporated our sound masking systems into their spaces to produce results. We have documented a select few projects for you to see how others have benefited from our system.

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