We are experts in sound masking for the built environment.

Polyvox is a Sydney-based sound masking contractor working with clients around Australia. We design, supply and install intelligent sound masking systems for workplaces.


With over 10 years of acoustic engineering experience, we work with our clients from the design phase through to final certification. Unlike other firms, we combine our experience in acoustics, construction, and management to ensure a specialised and effective sound masking system is provided for every project.


Every space is different. We work together with you to design the optimal acoustic environment.


Industry-leader LogiSon® Acoustic Network provides a networked architecture and software-based tuning, ensuring clients get the most from their investment in a sound masking solution.


Our rigorous testing procedures ensure we fine tune the system to the space's unique acoustic requirements.


Our experience in the construction industry allows us to coordinate with all of the services on-site, facilitating an installation free of unexpected complications.

About Us

Danny Henriques

Lead Engineer / Quality Manager

Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Sound Design

Danny has come from Acoustic Engineering with a background in Audio Engineering. He has the technical expertise to ensure we only use the best equipment and design our systems the most effective way.

Attila Szabo

Engineer / Project Manager

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering / Masters in Project Management

With a background in Acoustic Engineering, as well as Building & Construction, Attila is very knowledgeable in the industry and will help overcome any design hurdle. His experience in Project Management will ensure our services are delivered on time, and all team members communicate effectively to reach the clients project goals.